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How to use your Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is easy to use, and our guide will take you through the steps you need to get started.

Getting your Volcano Vaporizer up and running is easier than you think. It takes just a few steps, and a nice spot near an outlet and a couch. Follow the steps in our quickstart guide and you’ll be passing around bags as soon as your Volcano is done heating up.

What’s in the box

In the box, you’ll find the Volcano Vaporizer, an Easy Valve Starter Set,  a filling chamber, three filling chamber clips (Volcano Classic only) and a ring, a normal set of screens, a pad for concentrates, an Air Filter Set, a two-piece herb grinder, a cleaning brush, and instructions.

How to use your Volcano vaporizer - What's in the box

To get started, you’ll just need the base unit, one of the easy valve bags, and a filling chamber. Everything else you need is installed and ready to go.

Easy Valve and Solid Valve

The Volcano used to arrive without a valve, and users had to buy one separately. Now, it includes an Easy Valve Starter Set, which includes four disposable Easy Valves, and one with a replaceable bag. Our post gets into the differences, and the reasons you might want to buy a Solid Valve separately (Volcano Classic only).

Super simple setup

All you have to do to get the Volcano up and running is find a solid, flat spot to set it down on near an outlet. Grab the filling chamber and one of the Easy Valve bags, and you’re off and ready to go.

How to use your Volcano vaporizer - Easy Valve and filling chamber

Quick burnoff cycle

Before you actually use the Volcano, you’ll want to run a quick burnoff cycle to clear any leftover residue from manufacturing or shipping. Turn the heat all the way up -- nine on the Classic, or 446° F on the Hybrid -- and let it heat up for twenty minutes. Attach the filling chamber to the Volcano, then turn on the fan and let it run for five minutes.

How to use your volcano vaporizer - Burnoff Cycle

How to fire it up

Both the Volcano Hybrid and Classic sport a similar control scheme. Press the red button (HEAT button on the Hybrid) to turn the heat on. The orange light will turn on to indicate the Volcano is warming up (on the Classic), and shut off when it reaches its target temperature. Most people run the Classic between six, which translates to 374° F, and eight, which is 417° F. It will take a few minutes to get there, so let’s turn the heat on, then grind our herbs.

How to use your Volcano Vaporizer

Use the included grinder

Each Storz & Bickel vaporizer includes a plastic two-piece grinder, and while it might not look like much, it does a great job producing the medium-fine consistency herbs that works excellently in the Volcano. If you’re using a four piece grinder, turn the grinding tiers upside down and give it some twists -- a little longer than you’d normally grind -- before turning it upright again.

Loosely filled chamber

Dump the contents of the grinder into a piece of paper (the included note on dosing capsules makes a great platform) and funnel it into your filling chamber. You don’t want to tamp it down at all, just spread a flat layer across the bottom. The Volcano works best with a full chamber, and if you want to load less, our tips and tricks post has some options.

How to use your volcano vaporizer - Filling Chamber

Fill the bag

When the orange light turns off (on the Classic), it’s time to vape. Remove the black plastic mouthpiece from your Easy Valve, and stretch out the bag gently so it’s straight. Dock the orange mouthpiece onto the filling chamber, and set it on top of the Volcano so it lightly grips the ring on top (give it a clockwise quarter-turn on the Hybrid). Push the green button (or the AIR button on the Hybrid) to turn the fan on and start blowing up the bag, and press it again when you’re comfortable with the amount of vapor.

How to fill your Volcano Vaporizer bag

Check out our Volcano tips and tricks for more thoughts on filling your bag, but the short version is that you can fill it with just a little, or just under swelling. You should fill it with as much vapor as you think you can take down in about five minutes, as it will start to get stale after that.

How to use your Volcano Vaporizer - Filling your Volcano bag

Your bag is ready

Once you’ve turned the fan off, it’s time to vape. Remove the bag from the filling chamber and insert the black mouthpiece back into the orange Easy Valve. Remove the filling chamber from the Volcano. Pressing on the mouthpiece will open the valve and let vapor out, so once you press it to your lips, you can draw however hard or gentle as you like.

Inserting the Easy Valve in the Volcano Vaporizer Bag

Clean after, clean often

The Volcano benefits from frequent, light cleaning. After your filling chamber is cooked through, dump it out right away, then use the included brush to dust off the screens and inside of the filling chamber. This will help prevent the kind of build-up that requires deep cleaning. If you’re using the Volcano Hybrid, the shut-off timer will eventually turn it off, but you can simply press the HEAT button to turn it back on.

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