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PAX Plus vs PAX Mini

Pax Mini vs Pax Plus: Breaking Down the Differences

Are the latest PAX Plus and PAX Mini dry herb vaporizers worth picking up? Let’s dive in and decide.

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Are the latest PAX Plus and PAX Mini dry herb vaporizers worth picking up? With different price points, features, and accessories, these conduction vaporizers meet different vaping needs. Each one serves different purposes and caters to a variety of experience levels and it’s important to highlight them before you pull the trigger on one.

The PAX Plus showcases a refined feature set with four preset Experience Modes, which were only available through the PAX 3 and its smartphone app functionality until now. It’s built for the user that wants multiple vaping options to play around with, without too many other settings to sift through. It also comes with plenty of accessories to play with.

The PAX Mini takes a simplified approach and comes with a smaller oven and one optimized session mode that adjusts to your specific vaping style. It’s built for the newbie or light user that wants a no-fuss, click-it-and-rip-it vaporizer. No extra settings. Just a single button, one session mode, and you’re off.

PAX Plus: Pros 👍

PAX Mini: Pros 👍

Ultra-pocketable Ultra-pocketable
Fast heat-up time Fast heat-up time
Preset Experience Modes Easy to use - Great for beginners
Thick, punchy vapor Light, tasty vapor
Large oven Long battery life
Improved oven screen Improved oven screen
10-year warranty 2-year warranty

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Quick Summary


Even though they’re quite different, the PAX Plus and PAX Mini portable vaporizers share the basics. They each hold the same familiar PAX shape and minimalist design with a single-button setup. Turn it on and inhale from the top. Each one performs well with or without a grinder and does well with short, light sips. They also come with a wire brush, charger, and both flat and raised mouthpieces, and utilize updated stainless steel 3D oven screens.


As its name suggests, the PAX Mini is a slightly smaller, simplified version of the PAX Plus (and the other PAX vapes). It’s slightly shorter, has a smaller oven, and strips down to just one optimized session mode. Vapor quality is light, yet tasty and effective. The Plus has a larger oven, four total Experience Modes, and a few more accessories.

Planet of the Vapes: Learn from the experts

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We produce comprehensive reviews and guides to help you make the best buying decision and vaporize with confidence, from start to finish. As an official retailer of PAX products, it’s important we provide you with accurate information to help you choose the best one for you.

What is the PAX Plus?

PAX vaporizers are like the Apple products of the vaping world, and the Plus is one of the latest from PAX Labs. It streamlines their signature Experience Modes into a simple, single-button setup. Choose your mode and ride the PAX wave through a uniquely tailored session. It’s a great choice for users that want an easy-to-use vaporizer and prepacked settings to play with.

PAX Plus Box

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What is the PAX Mini?

The PAX Mini is the second half of their newest release that takes an even simpler approach, with just one fine-tuned vaping mode. Pack it, click it once, and vape away. Its session starts off slow and steady, with an emphasis on flavor, and fluctuates the temperature based on your draw style. It’s one of the simplest vaporizers we’ve seen and we highly recommend it to light users, first-timers, and anyone that wants to jump right in without a thought.

PAX Mini Box

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Are the PAX Plus and PAX Mini the same size?

It’s hard to tell if you’re not holding them side-by-side, but the PAX Mini vaporizer is a slightly condensed version of the PAX lineup. It holds the same overall shape but is slightly shorter than the rest (just under a quarter inch shorter). They’re both highly portable, and even though it's dubbed the “Mini”, it’s not more pocketable or travel-friendly than the Plus.

PAX Plus dimension:

  • Height: 3.87 in / 9.83 cm
  • Width: 1.21 in / 3.07 cm
  • Depth: .085 in / 2.16 cm
  • Weight: 3.21 oz / 91 g

PAX Mini dimensions:

  • Height: 3.66 in / 9.3 cm
  • Width: 1.21 in / 3.07 cm
  • Depth: .085 in / 2.16 cm
  • Weight: 3.14 oz / 89 g
PAX Plus vs PAX Mini Side by Side
At a quick glance, the PAX Plus and PAX Mini look the same size until you put them side by side

PAX Plus vs PAX Mini Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

PAX Plus

PAX Mini







Session Settings

Four Experience Modes

One Optimized Vaping Mode

Oven Size

0.3 - 0.5g


Heat Up Time

30 to 40 Seconds

20 to 30 Seconds

Battery Life

75 Minutes of Runtime

80 Minutes of Runtime

Charge Time

2-3 Hours

2-3 Hours

Haptic Feedback




10-year warranty

2-year Warranty

PAX Plus Vaporizer Onyx With Led Lights Front Views

PAX Plus Vaporizer

$200.00 Regular price: $250.00

Does the PAX Mini have a smaller oven?

The new PAX Plus vaporizer boasts the larger oven of the two with a capacity of up to half a gram. The Mini’s shorter build trims the oven down by more than half, with around a .17g capacity. Light users will be happy with the Mini’s smaller oven, but larger appetites will prefer the Plus.

PAX Plus vs PAX Mini OVen Comparison
Left: PAX Plus Oven. Right: PAX Mini Oven

PAX Plus vs PAX Mini: Different session settings

The biggest difference between the two is the session. The PAX Mini comes with a single setting that’s slow and relaxing and adjusts based on your vaping style. Each session starts at the same temperature and watches how long and strong your hits are and adjusts the heat as you go to keep you on a steady course until you’re done. Sessions here feel like it sits between setting two and three on the Plus.

The PAX Plus comes loaded with four Experience Modes, each with its own temperature “journey” that does the work for you. Whether you want cool and tasty or thick and potent, each one starts on the lower end and gradually crescendos to the end of the session.

PAX Plus Experience Modes

  • Stealth mode (one lit petal): starts at 360°F / 182°C and dims the lit petals. Visible vapor is minimal to keep things inconspicuous.
  • Efficiency mode (two lit petals): Extended session that starts out light and tasty but finishes strong for a slow, relaxed session.
  • Flavor mode (three lit petals): Prioritizes flavor with a combination of strong, tasty hits and solid vapor production.
  • Boost mode (four lit petals): Maximizes extraction with higher temperatures and dense vapor. Also suitable for concentrates.
PAX Plus Boost Mode
PAX Plus in Boost Mode.

Quality vapor with different approaches

PAX Plus vapor is light or thick

Both PAX vaporizers are small but effective options. The PAX Plus packs a massive half-gram oven and four unique Experience Modes to back it. In general, vapor is rich and tasty at first, but dissipates further into your session. Throughout the different Experience Modes, you’ll find the flavor and clouds fluctuate depending on the session. For example, Flavor Mode prioritizes the strongest flavor throughout while Boost Mode pumps out the thickest hits right away.

PAX Mini vapor is laid back

The PAX Mini vaporizer takes a more laid back approach with a smaller oven and one session setting that produces tasty and surprisingly punchy vapor. It starts off low and cool and adjusts itself to your draw style. Take advantage of the tight airflow and give it light sips for cooler, tastier vapor. To ramp it up a bit, take longer and slower draws to thicken up the experience.

Pro Tip: Upgrade your sessions with the POTV Glass Accessory for PAX

Upgrade your PAX sessions with the POTV Glass Accessory Adapter for PAX dry herb vaporizers. This adapter replaces the original mouthpiece and opens the doors to our collection of glass accessories for smoother, tastier vapor.

Take small, microdose-friendly sips or push the limits and go for the biggest draws with our glass accessories - only accessible with our Glass Accessory Adapter. Each accessory maximizes the performance of your PAX devices with broader, more versatile airflow that caters to both big hitters and easy-going sippers.

Read more about the Accessory Adapter for PAX here.

POTV Glass Accessory Adapter for PAX

Personalize your setup with our colored Glass Accessories

If you’re in the market for some new glass accessories for your PAX vaporizer, consider personalizing your setup with one of our colored glass stems and bubblers. Enjoy a calming, sky Blue or an Earthy, Green edition of our Bent Glass Mouthpiece, Waterpipe Adapter, Mini Bubbler, and Curved Mini Bubbler. (Glass Accessory Adapter for PAX required)

PAX Plus has more built-in features

There are also a few slight differences in their feature set, apart from the sessions.

Shake to confirm selection: PAX Plus only

Cycle through each mode on the Plus and either ‘click’ or give it a shake to confirm your selection. The Mini doesn’t have this.

Shake to check battery level: Both

Give the vaporizer a shake to check the battery level on both the PAX Plus and the Mini. The lights will light up white with the number of petals to indicate its current charge.

Haptic feedback: PAX Plus only

The PAX Plus vaporizer has three different vibrations. A long initial vibration when you turn it on, a quick double-tap vibration when it’s ready to vape, and a short, single vibration when you turn it off. The Mini also doesn’t have this so make sure you’re paying attention or you might miss your session!

Standby mode: Both

If you don’t take a hit after a minute during your session, both the Plus and Mini will enter standby mode to preserve your herbs, and re-engage as soon as you pick them back up.

PAX Plus vs PAX Mini Battery Indicator
Give them a quick shake to check the battery levels.

PAX Plus vs PAX Mini: PAX Mini heats up faster

The PAX Plus and PAX Mini heat up very quickly, but the Mini is slightly faster. Click it on once and it’s ready to go in 20 to 30 seconds. The Plus is still one of the fastest vapes out there and heats up in 30 to 40 seconds, depending on the heat setting.

Both have the same battery but the Mini lasts longer

The PAX Mini averages a few more sessions than the PAX Plus. Its lower heating power and smaller oven are less demanding on the battery with around 80 minutes of runtime and 15 total sessions. The PAX Plus falls a little behind, but not by much, with 75 minutes and 10 sessions. Both vapes utilize a 18650 battery with a 3000mAh power rating but the Mini lasts a little longer.

What accessories do the PAX Plus and PAX Mini come with?

As mentioned above, the PAX Plus is a complete kit. It comes with everything the Mini does, but adds some very useful accessories.

Pax Plus Box Contents Pax Mini Box Content
PAX Plus Vaporizer PAX Mini
Charging Dock Charging Dock
Flat Mouthpiece Flat Mouthpiece
Raised Mouthpiece Raised Mouthpiece
Cleaning Brush Cleaning Brush
Standard Oven Lid Standard Oven Lid
Half-pack Oven Lid
Dry Concentrate Insert
Extra Oven Screens
Multi Tool
PAX Plus vs PAX Mini Whats in the Box
Top: PAX Mini box. Bottom: PAX Plus Box.
PAX Plus Vaporizer Onyx With Led Lights Front Views

PAX Plus Vaporizer

$200.00 Regular price: $250.00

Different price & warranty

The PAX Mini kit is basic and sits at an entry-level price of $125. It comes with just a few accessories and a two-year warranty. You can take the PAX Plus home for $200, and for that you get more features, a few more accessories that we really like, and a 10-year warranty.

Which vaporizer should you buy?

Get the PAX Mini if you’re a beginner, light-user, or on a budget

The PAX Mini dry herb vape is a great option for novices and users that want it downright simple and don’t need a whole lot of vapor to hit their sweet spot. It’s inexpensive and easy to use, and its soft, low-temperature sessions and smaller oven are easy-going for light users.

PAX Mini Vaporizer

PAX Mini Vaporizer

$125.00 Regular price: $150.00

Skip the settings and extra buttons and jump right in with the PAX Mini.

  • Click and go with a single, optimized session setting
  • Rich, flavorful vapor
  • Extremely pocketable
  • Heats up in under 25 seconds
  • Smaller oven
  • Two hours of session time
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service

Get the PAX Plus if you want more vaping options

Get the PAX Plus if you want more heavy-use options. It takes the Mini a few steps further with a couple more features, a larger oven, and more vaping options through its four Experience Modes. Its sessions are more sophisticated and cater to a variety of vaporists whether you prefer light and tasty or thick and rich vapor production. It’s consistent, easy to use, and will satisfy most typical users.

PAX Plus Vaporizer Onyx With Led Lights Front Views

PAX Plus Vaporizer

$200.00 Regular price: $250.00

Enjoy PAX’s signature Experience Modes with the PAX Plus - no app required.

  • Four preset Experience Modes - no app required
  • Cool and tasty or strong and potent vapor
  • Ultra pocketable
  • Large oven
  • Two hours of session time
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service

Should I upgrade if I have a PAX 2 or PAX 3?

PAX 2 vs PAX Plus

If you have a PAX 2, it might be worth upgrading to the PAX Plus. It comes with more accessories and more advanced sessions that you can’t access with the PAX 2. Sessions on the Plus are more dynamic, the oven is even a little bigger, and the battery lasts a little longer. It’s a solid upgrade in a more advanced direction but is nothing too groundbreaking compared to the PAX 2.

PAX 2 vs PAX Mini

The Mini is a decent alternative if you usually vape on the lower end and you want an even simpler PAX vaporizer. Sessions fluctuate according to your vaping style and it’s a little bit easier to use, but the oven is smaller and costs more than the PAX 2 so you’re not missing out on too much if you already have one.

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PAX 3 vs PAX Plus

The PAX 3 vaporizer can do everything the Plus can with a few extra steps via the Bluetooth smartphone app. Open it up, choose an Experience Mode, or set your PAX to an exact temperature. Even play around with the lights and haptic feedback if you want. Maybe you don’t care for any of this or an extra app to mess with. If this really bugs you and you find yourself using just the Experience Modes instead of manual temperature control, the PAX Plus solves this.

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PAX 3 vs PAX Mini

For something even more simple and brainless, the PAX Mini is an easy choice. Click it once and you’re ready to vape. The oven is smaller and the sessions start a little cooler but provides a well-rounded vaping experience with an emphasis on ease of use. Otherwise, the PAX 3 is built to do it all and should be your first choice if you need a bigger oven and heavier hits.

If you already have a PAX 2 or PAX 3, and you’re completely happy with it, then you’ll be just fine skipping out on this latest batch of vaporizers. Still on the fence? Check out our Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Guide to find out which vape best suites you.

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PAX Plus Vaporizer Onyx With Led Lights Front Views

PAX Plus Vaporizer

$200.00 Regular price: $250.00

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