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Volcano Digit Vs. Classic: An Unexpected Winner

The Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit and Classic both deliver the same great vapor, so the difference between them comes...

💡 A note on the Volcano Digit: As of August 2019, the Digit is no longer available - it is replaced by the new Volcano Hybrid.

The Volcano vaporizer was released in 2000 as an analog vaporizer, and was later dubbed the Volcano Classic in 2007 when Storz & Bickel released the Volcano Digit as part of their move towards the medical vaporizer market. The vapor making guts are the same, but the interfaces are different and worth looking into when you decide which one is for you.

Don’t sweat the vapor

The vapor is indistinguishable on both units, so don’t give that any thought. Both have identical heaters and heat exchangers for tasty, consistent vapor production and both come with the Easy Valve system that efficiently catches all the vapor without waste. Both units also sport the same heat up times, around 3:30 to 350F and 6 minutes to 446F, and take about 30 seconds to fill a bag.

Volcano Digit Vaporizer - Volcano Digit vs Classic

Digit has more precise controls

The Digit has more accurate temperature control, thanks to its electronic thermostat, which stays within 2.7° F of the displayed temperature. The Classic’s bimetallic thermostat is accurate to within 9° F. Both units go up to 446F, but the Classic can only be dialed down to 266F versus 104F for the Digit. If you need to dial in a specific temperature, the Digit is superior.

Classic keeps the party going

One of the biggest differences between these vapes is the auto-shutoff timer. The Classic will stay on until you turn it off, while the Digit has a 30-minute auto-shutoff timer. This is great for those that might forget to turn their Volcano off, but frustrates when you want another bag but have to wait for the unit to heat up again. If you just want to have your Volcano at the ready all evening, go with the Classic.

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Volcano Digit vs Classic - Volcano Classic Vaporizer

Both are durable, the classic is more so

Neither vape has any glass components, so durability is a strong point, and Volcanoes have been known to last well over ten years. A slight advantage goes to the Classic here, since there are no electronics that could fail.

Digital versus analog

If you’re into stealth mode for your vapes, get the Classic since the Digit’s large display can’t be turned off. Conversely, if you want to know your temperature at a glance, even in the dark, you need the Digit. Both units have a heat indicator light between the power and fan controls that lets you know when the temperature is reached.

Volcano Digit vs Classic temperature control

The controls are slightly different

The Classic uses a knob for changing the temperature, and switches for the power and fan controls. The Digit uses buttons to change the temperature and, for some reason, they continued to use buttons instead of switches for the power and fan controls.

Digit is $120 more

Did we mention the price difference? Both units are expensive, but the Digit costs an extra $120, which is a substantial price jump. If being within nine degrees of your target temperature sounds good enough, and it will be for most users, it's worth considering the Classic.

Update 2020: The Volcano Digit is no longer in production, and has been replaced by the Volcano Hybrid. We have a blog post up where we compare the Volcano Classic vs Hybrid - check it out!

Final thoughts

There are several differences between the Volcano Classic and Digit, and they mostly point to different types of users. The major differences are the price, temperature control, and the shutoff timer. Users that need exact temperature, whether due to medical needs or preference, will need to make the jump to the Digit. The Classic will appeal to people who want a serious vaporizer, but don’t need to dial in a specific temperature, or for someone who wants their vape always ready without any waiting around.

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