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XMAX V3 Pro Tips and Tricks

XMAX V3 Pro Tips and Tricks

We’ve got a few pointers that you’ll want to implement into your XMAX V3 Pro sessions. Let’s get into it.

If you want to get the most out of your XMAX V3 Pro, you’re in the right place. We’ve come up with a few tips, tricks, and pointers that we think you’ll want to implement into your sessions. Let’s get into it.

Pack it full with a gentle tamp

The XMAX V3 Pro utilizes a full convection oven, which means it uses the air to transfer the heat to your herbs. When you pack your V3 Pro, fill it to the top with ground herbs, and give it a soft, gentle tamp. Don’t overfill it or it will scorch and cook unevenly. Pack it too lightly and you’ll get little to no vapor production.

XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Tips and Tricks Pack and Tamp
Pack it full with a gentle tamp.

Long draws for big hits

For the fattest hits, start your draw off slowly for a couple seconds, and then ramp it up once it starts to thicken. Longer pulls produce the thickest clouds. A four second draw is enough, but it really ramps up after about seven seconds. Start slow for a couple seconds, pull stronger for a couple more, and once you feel the heat, hit it hard.

Cover the air intake for thicker hits

The two air intakes, located on the left and right side of the V3 Pro, provide a comfortable yet effective draw resistance. The V3 Pro’s convection style heater is flexible and will ramp up the vapor when you restrict the airflow a bit.

XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Tips and Tricks Air Intake Holes
Cover one or both air intakes on either side for thicker hits.

Cover up one or both intakes and take a nice, slow draw to really milk your herbs. This is a great method to squeeze every last bit out at the end of a session. Play around with it and find what works best for you.

Use On-Demand mode for microdoses

Can you microdose with the V3 Pro? Yes you can! Instead of packing with a small sliver of herb, give it a full pack, like normal, and set it to on demand mode. Take as little or as much as you want in a single hit, call it a day, and come back to it later.

XMAX V3 Pro Tips and Tricks On Demand Mode for Microdoses
Pack a regular bowl and use On-Demand Mode for easy microdoses.

Use session mode for the best battery life

If you want the best battery life, use session mode. In our tests, Session mode lasted 50% longer than On-Demand mode. On-Demand can limit the time under fire, but adds extra stress on the battery every time it fires up from cold.

XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Tips and Tricks Session Mode
Use Session Mode for the best battery life.

Be aware of the on-demand timer

On-Demand mode will time out 30 seconds after you engage the heater, and depending on the set temp, can take anywhere from five to fifteen seconds to reach temperature. As your battery drains, the heat up time will take longer and shorten the time you have to draw. When this happens, engage the heater immediately after it times out and jump right back into your hit.

Grab a mini glass bubbler or water pipe adapter

Our signature Accessory Attachment is perfect for our glass lovers out there anyone who wants even cooler vapor. Pick up any of our mini glass bubblers for water-cooled vapor on the go, or grab the universal water pipe adapter and hook it up to your favorite glass bubbler.

XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Tips and Tricks Curved Mini Bubbler

XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Tips and Tricks Universal Water Pipe Adapter
The Water Pipe Adapter will hook up to any glass bubbler with a 10mm, 14mm  and 18mm female connection.

Check out the XMAX Silicone Water Pipe Adapter for a more durable option with both a 14mm and 18mm male connection.

XMAX V3 Pro Tips and Tricks Silicone Water Pipe Adapter
The V3 Pro Silicone Water Pipe Adapter is compatible with both 14mm and 18mm female glass attachments.

Personalize your setup with our colored Glass Accessories

If you’re in the market for some new glass accessories for your V3 Pro, consider personalizing your setup with one of our colored glass stems and bubblers. Enjoy a calming, sky Blue or an Earthy, Green edition of our Bent Glass Mouthpiece, Waterpipe Adapter, Mini Bubbler, and Curved Mini Bubbler.

Grab an extra battery

A user-replaceable battery is a key feature that can make or break a vaporizer. With at least two 18650 batteries at your disposal, a dead vape will never be an issue for you. Keep one on the charger and simply swap it out when the other one dies, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Check out our full collection of batteries and chargers.

XMAX V3 Pro Tips and Tricks Extra Battery
Grab an extra 18650 battery to keep your sessions going without a hiccup.

Compatible with POTV ONE dosing capsules

XMAX hasn’t released dosing capsules for the V3 Pro yet, but you’re in luck. The POTV ONE Doing Capsules fit perfectly inside the V3 Pro’s chamber. Whether you want to carefully dose your sessions, or have back to back loads at the ready, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the ONE Dosing Capsule Caddy Insert  for a convenient, all-in-one travel solution.

XMAX V3 Pro Tips and Tricks POTV ONE Dosing Capsules
The POTV ONE Dosing Capsules fit perfectly inside the V3 Pro's oven.

Pick up ONE concentrate pads for extracts

The stock concentrate cup that comes with the V3 Pro needs some improvement. If you want to have a satisfying concentrate session, pick up the concentrate pads for the ONE. They fit perfectly inside and provide a more effective experience.

XMAX V3 Pro Tips and Tricks POTV ONE Concentrate Pad
The POTV ONE Concentrate Pads fit perfectly as well!

With your V3 Pro set to the highest temp on either session or on-demand mode, place a small amount of material onto the pad, place it into the chamber and enjoy!

Did we miss anything?

The community is one of our most valued resources when it comes to unique tips and tricks. If we missed anything, let us know down in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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Tyler is a seasoned veteran in the vape industry with over 5 years of experience in the field and nearly a decade of dry herb vaping under his belt.

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