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DaVinci MIQRO Standard vs Explorer’s Kit

DaVinci MIQRO Standard vs Explorer’s Kit

The DaVinci MIQRO is available in both a Standard and Explorer’s Kit, and our guide breaks down the differences.

DaVinci’s new MIQRO vaporizer is extremely pocketable, and still pumps out impressive vapor for its size. It’s available in two different bundles, the standard bundle for $99, and the Explorer’s Kit for $119.

Whether you opt for the Standard or Explorer’s Kit, you’ll get the same great DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer, 10mm and flat mouthpieces, USB charging cable, cleaning kit, and manual. Both kits feature everything you need to get up and running, while the Explorer’s Kit adds in some extras that can help extend the fun without having to stop by home for a fresh battery or more herb.

  Standard Bundle Explorer's Collection
Price $99 $119
10mm Mouthpiece
USB Cable
Cleaning Kit
Batteries 1 2

Carry Can

Carrying Case
Grinder Card
Extra pearl post, gasket, and pick

DaVinci Standard vs Explorer's Kit

Extra battery

The first difference between the two kits is in the number of included batteries. The MIQRO uses readily-available 18350 rechargeable batteries, and the Standard kits includes just one, while the Explorer’s Kit includes two. The MIQRO has notably short battery life, so the extra swappable battery can save you on a long day.

Keychain and other accessories

The Explorer’s Kit includes a carry can with a key ring that holds your extra battery and some herb, which lets you carry around an extra session or two in your pocket. You can pack in large chunks of herb, grind it at home, or use the included grinder card on the go. As long as you have a flat surface to work on, you’re ready to keep going.

DaVinci MIQRO Standard vs Explorer's Kit - Carrying Can

Carrying case

Of course, if you pick up the Explorer’s Kit, you’ll have some extra parts to carry around with you, so DaVinci also includes a carrying case. Inside, you’ll find a space for the MIQRO and all of the Explorer’s Kit’s extra accessories, plus an extra adjustable oven pearl, a silicone sleeve for the MIQRO, post, gasket, and stirring tool. There’s even a smell-proof pocket inside, for more aromatic herbs.

DaVinci MIQRO Standard vs Explorer's Package - Carrying Case

The bottom line

At just $99, the DaVinci MIQRO is a solid value for an ultra-portable vaporizer with a strong company behind it. For an extra $20, the Explorer’s Kit packs in a variety of actually useful accessories, with a pocketable case that lets you carry around everything you need for a full day of vaping. If you plan on taking the MIQRO around with you on more than a short trip, we recommend upgrading to the Explorer’s Kit.

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