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Dynavap 2020 M Update - Best Dynavap Yet?

Dynavap 2020 M Update - Best Dynavap Yet?

The Dynavap 2020 M isn’t just an upgrade, it blurs the lines between Dynavap’s budget and luxury vapes.

You’re probably used to the drill by now. It’s April, and DynaVap has a new M vaporizer to check out. But the Dynavap 2020 M isn’t just an upgrade or a new twist. This thing feels like a whole new vape, and blurs the lines between Dynavap’s budget and luxury vapes.

A lot to cover

Dynavap made nine significant changes to this year’s M. Then they went to work on the packaging and price. We’re going to give each change its due, so buckle up.

Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer

Captive cap

The Vapcap magic lives in the cap, which houses the thermostat, or the “click”. A loose cap can fall off the tip when you least expect it, and if you just heated it, watch out! The Captive Cap comes with two little indentations near the tail, that grab the tip so it won’t fall off. It’s not foolproof, but it’s great for peace of mind.

Sometimes the cap can be a little hard to get off the tip. Gently twist the cap back and forth, and pull it off at the same time. At the bottom of the bowl where the zig zags end, is a small lip that benefits the Captive Cap. The cap clicks into place when the indentions pass this lip. That’s why the Captive Cap will vaporize on any tip, but will only grab on the 2020 M tip.

More edge cuts for more airflow

Look at the edge of the bowl on a Dynavap tip. Depending on how old it is, it could be flat, or have divots cut into it. The divots increase the airflow, and the 2020 M tip has double the cuts as last year’s model. Dynavap first showed this off in the Hydravong tip, but those multiple cuts were smoother. These cuts are sharp, and slice right through herbs. It’s perfect for loading whole flowers, with a simple stab and twist.

12-Sided bowl

That’s a dodecagon, for us nerds, and looks and sounds like an expression of the Dynavap team’s love for geometries, visuals and fun. The sides are cut with lines that resemble a music box cylinder. They’re the digital rendition of the zig zag cuts from last year’s tip, but in the opposite direction. The cuts aren’t continuous, and probably do nothing for the airflow. If anything, it’s the combination of the cuts with the dodecagon shape that create larger gaps between the tip and cap, that open up the airflow even more. With this much airflow, the greatest restriction is now in the herb pack.

Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer Bowl


I didn’t see this coming, but Dynavap brought one of the big reasons to upgrade to a titanium tip to the budget line, the Adjust-a-Bowl. The M tip has always held about 0.1 grams of dry herbs. The titanium tip has three bowl screen settings, and is adjustable to 0.1, 0.05, or 0.02 grams of dry herbs. But the 2020 M tip now has two settings, 0.1 and 0.05 grams! Unless you’re interested in extreme microdosing, these two options should fit all your needs.

Thicker fins

The cooling fins on this tip are thicker and spread apart differently. The tip is now heavier, but you’re probably not going to notice that. I’m not sure how it changes the performance of this tip, because there are too many other changes to the tip to distinguish what did what. It does, however, transfer a little more heat to the stem. The tip end of the stem gets a little hotter if you rip through three back-to-back bowls.

When all is said and done, the 2020 M tip is a solid hitter. I was in love with the 2019 M tip, and this one is in the same class. When I compared them side-by-side, the difference was subtle. If anything, I’d say the 2019 tip has a tad more “oomph”, while the 2020 tip goes hard for just a little bit longer. If I used each one on a different day, I wouldn’t know the difference.

Chiral airport

What’s that? The 2020 M airport has a chiral shape, which means the two slits are symmetrical when folded into each other, but not when overlapped. I like to think of them as dual offset airports, in a nod to the Simrell Collection. The classic airport smashes the air straight into the condenser tube, and into chaos. The offset airport sends the air into a spiral around the condenser tube, and the vapor’s somehow thicker.

Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer Chiral Airport

The 2020 M fits lefties and righties alike, with an offset airport for each side of the condenser tube. Open either one for a single vortex, or open both up for some crazy turbulence you can hear. Each port is great for shotgunning, too, where you start with a closed airport and gradually open it up at the beginning of your hit.

Luxury finish

Last year’s M was no slouch to look at, but this year’s model is stunning. Frankly, it holds its own next to the Omnivap, Dynavap’s top of the line luxury vaporizer. It was designed to use, twist, and admire. The light glitters as it spirals from airport to tip, and back again as you counter-twist. The bottom hides a subtle “M”, where a tactile ridge marks the spot when searching for the airport in the dark. Stand the M on its tip and look at the airport, and you might see alien eyes staring back at you.

10mm Tapered mouthpiece

You can’t tell unless you line it up to something flat, but the mouthpiece is tapered. True, older Dynavaps fit a 10mm glass joint too, but it’s crude. It rams in and gets stuck, and the seal is easy to break. The tapered mouthpiece slides into place, just a little, with a better seal. This mouthpiece feels good on your lips, and your bubbler will like it, too!

Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer Tapered Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece groove for the O-ring

If you ever had trouble assembling a Dynavap and getting the o-ring flush with the mouthpiece, you’ll appreciate this. Inside the mouthpiece end of the 2020 M is a little groove, like the grooves on the condenser tube that tell you where to align the o-rings. Put the tip on first, align the o-rings on the condenser tube, and slide it into place. The o-ring now stops in place easier, for a flush finish.

Recyclable packaging

Previous Dynavaps came in a plastic tube that was great for storing a hot vape, or cleaning a dirty one. The new packaging is recyclable cardboard, and it’s hard to argue with that these days. It’s got a cosmic design and flare, and doubles as a case, even if it will wear out. The bad news is, if you really want that tube, you’ll have to buy one. The good news is they’re inexpensive, and those of us with a box of useless tubes can feel a little more green. Overall, we love this move.

Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer Recyclable Packaging

All that for just $5 more

Every year the improved M costs $5 more, and this one is the best steal yet. The 2020 M will set you back $87.00, which is chump change in the vaporizer game. It’s no longer the lowest priced vape we sell, but it’s still the best value. No one likes a price increase, but this one is easily worth it.

DynaVap 2020 M Vaporizer Azurium
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