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PAX Era Pro User Guide

PAX Era Pro Complete User Guide

We’ve covered all the bases for you with this complete PAX Era Pro user guide. Let’s get into it.

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The PAX Era Pro has made some noise with its slick form and useful features. It couldn’t be simpler to use with its onboard controls and PAX’ Web App. It’s so simple, in fact, that it doesn't require much explanation, so we’ve combined our usual suite of articles into one. From your first session to cleaning, we’ve covered all the bases for you with this complete user guide. Let’s get into it.

PAX 3 Concentrate Insert Guide Summary

  1. Fully charge before first use
  2. Locate PAX Pods
  3. Insert a Pod
  4. How to adjust temperature
  5. Dosage control and other settings
  6. Not much to clean

PAX Era Pro: Complete User Guide

You’ll find only two items when you receive your new PAX Era Pro.

  • PAX Era Pro Vaporizer
  • USB-C Charge Cable

Plug in your Era Pro vaporizer and let it charge first. The petals will light up white and indicate its current charge level, and turn blue when it's fully charged. A complete charge will only take about 45 minutes.

PAX Era Pro User Guide Charging
The PAX Era Pro charges via USB-C.

First things first: locate some PAX Pods

The most difficult part of starting out with your new PAX Era Pro is securing the PAX Pods. To ensure products of the highest quality, PAX keeps their pods and extracts in the hands of authorized extractors and dispensaries only. Use the PAX Pod Locator to find a qualifying store near you.

If you’ve got your hands on PAX pods already, let’s continue and start vaping.

Connect the pod

Once you have your hands on a PAX pod, it’s smooth sailing from there. Insert the pod and push it in until it ‘clicks’. The petals will blink white and fade to yellow, indicating the current temperature. With PAXSmart pods, the petals will light up white, and then fade to light blue and yellow to indicate the ExpertTemp setting.

PAX Era Pro User Guide Connecting PAX Pod
Push the pod in until it “clicks”.

Change the temperature

The PAX Era and Era Pro are two of the only pod systems to include variable temperature settings. The Era Pro comes with four preset temperatures, indicated by the flashing yellow petals.

  • 1 light blue/yellow petal: ExpertTemp Setting
  • 1 yellow petal: 520° F
  • 2 yellow petals: 610° F
  • 3 yellow petals: 700° F
  • 4 yellow petals: 790° F

To cycle through the temp settings, lift the pod out just enough to unclick it. Then, gently reinsert it until it flashes to see the current temperature. Completely inserting it until it clicks isn't necessary to cycle through the temperatures. Repeat this process, and then click it back in once you’ve chosen a temperature.

We suggest starting out on the third temperature setting for a strong, but balanced session.

PAX Era Pro User Guide Changing Temperature
We like temperature 3 for strong but balanced sessions.

Fine tune with the PAX App

The PAX App and the latest PAX Web App allow Era Pro users to dial in specific temperatures to the single degree, lock your device, and even control the dosage.

Temperature control

Just like when vaporizing dry herbs, different temperatures can yield different results with the PAX Era Pro. Lower temps provide more flavorful vapor that’s gentle on the throat and easy to take, while the higher temperatures produce thick, potent vapor. If you’re a light user, lower temps between 500F and 650F are good areas to play around with. Heavy users will enjoy anything above 650F.

PAX Era Pro User Guide PAX Web App Temperature Control

Dosage Control

The dosage control feature ensures you get the exact dose every time. You can choose between one and four doses, each being a multiple of a single dose. The Era Pro will cut off vapor production and vibrate after you’ve hit your dose limit. Doses are consistent, even if you adjust the temperature. Higher temperatures will yield the same dosage, but in a shorter amount of time. Experiment with this feature and find the perfect dose control for you.

PAX Era Pro User Guide PAX Web App Dose Control

Adjust brightness and haptics

The PAX App also allows you to change the brightness and haptic feedback settings. You can adjust the intensity of each one or completely turn it off to save some power. Click the settings icon in the upper right hand corner to access the sliders for each setting and modify them to your liking.

PAX Era Pro User Guide PAX Web App Brightness and Haptics Settings

How to clean your PAX Era Pro

PAX Era Pro batteries don’t need a whole lot of attention for cleaning. Dust out the pod port if you leave it disconnected. If you’re like us, our Era Pro spends a lot of its time inside a pocket or purse. Take some time to clean out the pod’s mouthpiece and the USB port of any lint or dirt that makes its way inside. Blow it out or take a small brush or toothpick to clean it.

PAX Era Pro User Guide Cleaning
The PAX Era Pro needs little to no cleaning.


The PAX Era Pro makes it as simple as possible to vaporize. It’s ultra-portable, easy to use and hits like a champ. Add in lots of high tech and virtually nothing to clean, and you’ve got a nearly perfect vaporizer.

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