Pax 3 Review

Pax 3 Review

(image from PAX Labs, Inc.)


The PAX 3 is every bit as good as the PAX 2, with a new look and improved functionality. It has some extra features like a faster heat up time, haptic feedback, even smarter oven technology to spare your herbs, and a smartphone app to let you tweak things further.

It’s intuitive, efficient, durable, and produces great vapor. Its all-in-one form factor means you can take it with you wherever you go, and the large herb chamber and great battery life will keep you satisfied.  

Debuting at $279, the PAX 3 is one of the most expensive conduction heating portables on the market, and we’re going to tell you why it might just be worth it.


Better, Faster, Stronger
Size Specs
Battery Life


The PAX 2 was designed with the user experience front and center, and the PAX 3 doubles down on that promise. It has the same intuitive user interface, improved battery life with less waste, and an all-in-one form factor capable of producing the same dense, pure vapor the PAX vaporizers have become known for.

The PAX 3 is the exact same compact size as the PAX 2 -- Less than 4 inches tall with an oven that can hold about 0.3 grams. You should get 15-25 draws from a fully packed oven, making it perfect for extended on-the-go sessions.

PAX 3 Compared to PAX 2 - Planet of the Vapes

It’s pocketable and concealable.  You can carry it around all day and its looks don’t scream out ‘vaporizer!’ It feels good to hold, has some weight to it, and has a polished anodized aluminum shell that distinguishes it from the brushed finish of the PAX 2.


Height  3.87 in / 9.83 cm
Width  1.21 in / 3.07 cm
Depth  .085 in / 2.16 cm
Weight  3.28 oz / 93 g


The PAX 3 puts out some very dense vapor that is smooth and tasty. Our production unit reached the highest of four temperature settings in around 30 seconds.  Once the smartphone app is finished, it will allow for custom temperature settings, and adjustments as fine as one degree.


360° F / 180° C
380° F / 193° C
400° F / 204° C
420° F / 215° C

The first two temperatures are tasty with light vapor, and the last two will get you thicker clouds and a bit more punch. I’m a high temp vapor and like to start my sessions on setting 3, or 400° F. I usually finish my sessions on the highest temperature, and I really like not having a traditional shut-off timer so I can take my time here.

All the PAX vaporizers have the same smart design, with the oven as far away from the mouthpiece as possible, at the bottom of the unit. This distance, coupled with the isolated airpath and the flush mouthpiece, cools the vapor extremely well, giving you smooth, cool, draws.


I love the simple, intuitive controls of the PAX 3.  A single, hidden button in the mouthpiece controls everything and the signature “flower petal” lights tells you all you need to know.

One button push and it’s on. Push it again, it's off. Need to change the temp? Just hold the button for a few seconds to enter temperature change mode. I really appreciate the departure from all the button clicks other manufacturers are using.

PAX 3 Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

The PAX symbol on the front has four LED lights that tell you everything from battery level to current temperature, as well as letting you know when the device is heating up, and when it’s ready to go.

Don’t like pushing buttons and want to check the battery life or exit temp mode? Just shake it instead. The PAX 3 also adds haptic vibration to let you know what’s up when you aren’t looking!


This is the kind of stuff I like! Conduction vapes have always bugged me with how they sit there cooking my herbs even if we’re not drawing on it.  In response, the PAX 3 uses lip sensing technology and an accelerometer to tell the unit when you’re vaping or not, dynamically adjusting the temperature to conserve your herbs and battery life.

PAX 3 Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Set the PAX 3 down and it will drop the temperature after 30 seconds. Pick it up or put it to your lips and the PAX 3 will boost the temperature to your set temperature on the fly.  This feature works even better now with the stronger heater in the PAX 3 compared to the PAX 2.

The auto shut-off timer is done right. After three minutes of no movement, the PAX 3 will shut itself off. There’s no set timer, so the PAX adjusts to your session length instead of you dancing for the vape.


PAX stepped up and built a smartphone app to get to some more custom options for vaporizing.  A working version has not yet released, so everything we know is from beta builds and we hope they keep all the features for the full release because it already looks pretty sweet!   With the app you will be able to change the temperature by one degree, change the light brightness, play some games, lock the PAX 3 and upgrade the firmware.

PAX App - Planet of the Vapes
(image from PAX Labs, Inc.)

But it will also let you choose one of four heating profiles:  boost, efficiency, stealth and flavor. Boost mode will have less auto cooling for longer, stronger sessions. Efficiency mode will automatically increase the temp during the session, like you were temp stepping. Stealth mode will stay at lower temps with quicker cooling so your exhales aren’t so obvious.  Flavor mode wills also stay at low temps, but will only heat up when you are drawing on it for maximum flavor.  I can’t wait to try out these new profiles!


I got on average 90 minutes of vaping time from a full charge while testing the PAX 3. With no set timer and the oven turning on and off as necessary for efficiency, it’s hard to compare the battery life in the PAX 3 with other vapes.

I like to relax and some of my sessions can get up to ten minutes long, but I still got three evenings worth of use before it needed to be docked for a charge. The PAX 3 takes about 90 minutes to charge with the included USB dock.  It’s hard to quantify with this vape, but I feel like it has some of the best battery life available and don’t find myself worried about running out of juice.


Staying true to form, the PAX 3 has a stainless steel oven and vapor tube leading to a silicone mouthpiece located at the opposite end of the unit. All materials are medical-grade and considered safe to vaporize with. The heating element is a “non-ceramic tuned thin film heater” bonded to the oven and outside of the vapor path, according to PAX.

PAX 3 Vaporizer Oven - Planet of the Vapes

The draw resistance will depend on how tightly you pack it, and it likes a tight pack. I was actually a little bit surprised at how good it felt with really tamped down materials. Some vapes come to an air flow stand still when faced with a tight oven, but the PAX 3 liked it.


The PAX 3 is a durable little vape with no moving parts or glass to break. The outer shell is anodized aluminum, so it’s tough and I don’t worry about tossing it in a bag or in my pocket with my keys or phone, making it great for on-the-go sessions and outdoor activities.

The PAX 3 has a polished aluminum finish unlike the brushed of the PAX 2 but still seems just as tough and resilient to scratches.


The PAX 3 has one of the best warranty in the vaporizer industry. They cover manufacturer defects for 10 years and have a great track record of taking care of customers. We also back this one under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No worries here!


PAX 3 Vaporizer
Charging Dock
USB Cable
Flat Mouthpiece
Raised Mouthpiece
Standard Oven Lid
Half-Pack Oven Lid
Concentrate Insert
Extra Screens
Multi-Tool Maintenance Kit


Even though this is the smartest portable vape around, there are still some best practices when it comes to the PAX 3.

Grind your material as fine as possible. Consider a Magic Flight Finishing Grinder or flip your grinder upside down and grind longer than usual.

  1. Use the Multi-Tool to pack your load tightly, tamp it down. Use the Half-Pack Oven Lid if you want to use less material.
  2. Use a short puff to start and gentle draw from there.
  3. Draw a few times after turning the unit off to clear any remaining vapor and reduce the smell.

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The original PAX was a pain to clean, but they fixed that with the PAX 3 leaving you three things to take care of: the oven, the mouthpiece, and the vapor path tube. The PAX 3 comes with Isopropyl alcohol (ISO) and some pipe cleaners. Pick up some Q-Tips and maybe some cotton swabs and you have everything you need to get the job done.


Other than the polished instead of brushed finish, the PAX 3 looks identical to the PAX 2. The PAX 3 has a stronger battery that heats up quicker and lasts just a little bit longer than the PAX 2. The PAX 3 comes with a concentrate insert that really works well and will work in the PAX 2, but it’s not available for sale by itself yet.

PAX 3 > PAX 2

15% More Battery Life
Faster Heat Up Time
A Touch More Power and Heating Efficient
Smartphone App for More Customization
Half-Pack Lid Included Free
Vibration Feedback
Polished vs. Brushed Finish

PAX 3 Oven Lids - Planet of the Vapes


The PAX 3 is a great all-around vape that travels well and can be used every day.  But it’s also good for at home when you don’t want to be tied down to a wall with something that plugs in.  It’s durable, discreet and has a great battery life that should satisfy most. The concentrate cans work surprisingly well..well enough for me to consider the PAX 3 one of the best dual-purpose vapes available.

In addition to it being a complete vape with lots of features, I think it is a great vape for beginners.  It’s simple to pack, easy to use, and we rarely get complaints about PAX vapes not working or being hard to use right.


$279 can be a lot to spend on a vaporizer for most people. I think it’s a good value at the price point, but there are some solid options available for less.

I’ve always preferred convection vaporizers for flavor and efficiency. The PAX 3 has a lot of tech to make conduction more efficient, but if you’re looking for convection the PAX 3 isn’t for you.

Although it works great with concentrates, it’s not on par with a vape pen hit.  So if you need something like that or stronger you still need to look elsewhere.


The PAX 3 is a good vaporizer for $279 and I'm happy with it. Is it worth $80 more than the PAX 2?  Well, both units use efficient heating technology, make great vapor, have a 10 year warranty, and have the same small, all-in-one design that’s pretty hard to beat.

The PAX 3 adds haptic feedback, which is almost a standard these days, slightly faster heat up time with a stronger battery, the half-pack lid that was previously sold separately, the concentrate insert that currently only comes with the PAX 3, and the smartphone app as a cherry on top.  

The accessories alone are worth about $40 and are essentials in my book, so I see the upgrade to the PAX 3 as more than worth the extra money.

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