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DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer

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Color: Onyx


  • Free Shipping
  • 4 Piece Aluminum CNC Grinder
  • TightVac Storage Container


  • Ultra-portable size
  • Adjustable Oven Size
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Digital Temperature Control, Smart Paths, Boost Mode
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Who's the DaVinci MIQRO for?

The DaVinci MIQRO is an attractive combination of size, features, performance and price for the light user. Starting at $149, the MIQRO is a full featured conduction vaporizer with great taste that’s small enough to get lost in a pocket or purse.

Honey, I shrunk the IQ!

If you liked the look of DaVinci’s IQ, you’re in luck. The MIQRO is essentially a smaller IQ without the Flavor Chamber or smartphone app, and is one of the smallest electric portable vaporizers available at just over three inches tall and a little less than one and a half inches wide.  It’s easy to palm for ultimate discretion.

Pure vapor

Learning from the successes of its big brother, the DaVinci IQ, the MIQRO’s vapor tastes great coming from a ceramic oven and zirconia ceramic air path that has plenty of time to cool before reaching your lips.

Quick heat up time

The MIQRO vaporizer heats up to vaporizing temperatures in a little under a minute. It’s not the quickest heat up time in the market, but it’s only ten to 20 seconds slower than the fastest competition.

On board controls with smart features

The MIQRO has full digital temperature control from room temperature to 430⁰ F, or 220⁰ C, and four Smart Paths that gradually increase the temperature by 20⁰ F over a session. DaVinci kept only the most popular IQ features that could be controlled without a cumbersome smartphone app.

Swappable batteries

The DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer uses a single 18350 battery that is good for around 20 to 30 minutes of runtime, but is hot-swappable so you don’t have to sweat the short battery life. We love replaceable batteries because they keep the party going and keep vaporizers out of landfills.

Still just dry herbs

DaVinci continues to focus on vaporizing one thing well – dry herbs. We’ve yet to see a conduction vape that excelled at both dry herbs and extracts, and the MIQRO doesn’t try.

Customize your sessions

DaVinci’s MIQRO vaporizer comes with two mouthpieces, one flat and one raised that pairs with 10mm glass pieces, and their trademark ‘Pearl’ that reduces the oven size by up to half, or 0.1 grams, for super small bowls or microdosing.

Standard Kit vs Explorer's Collection

The MIQRO comes with the basics for $149, or you can upgrade to the Explorer’s Collection for $199, which comes with an extra battery, a carrying case and other accessories. (Also see ‘What’s in the Box’ section below).


When you buy your DaVinci MIQRO from Planet of the Vapes, you are guaranteed to receive an authentic unit with full, 5 year warranty. Like everything we sell, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What's in the box


Explorer's Kit

Price $149 $199
10mm Mouthpiece
USB Cable
Cleaning Kit
Batteries 1 2
Carry Can for Herb & Battery
Carrying Case
Grinder Card
Extra Pearl Post, Gasket & Pick
DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Controls - Planet of the Vapes Spec

Technical Specifications

  • Height 3.125 in / 7.94 cm
  • Width 1.34 in / 3.4 cm
  • Depth 0.91 in / 2.3 cm
  • Weight 3.7 oz / 104 g w/ Battery
  • Removable 900mAh 18350 Battery
  • Fully adjustable temperature range: Room temperature to 430° F (221° C)
  • USB Charging
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Scott West

Fantastic !

The Miqro is a wonderful unit, it’s perfect for solo sessions. The vapor is tasty and I get some impressive clouds out of it especially with it on smart path 3. The quality is really nice and feels nice in hand.... it can get a little warm but not too bad. The Explorer pack is totally worth the price too ..... I can’t recommend this little guy enough and I look forward to using my Miqro more than any other vape now.

Hao Lam


Very portable but the battery life is not the best even with a spare. Mouth piece is not very air tight. Herbs vapes very uneven and requires a stir. Some what easy to clean. Would not recommend.

Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Hao, In regards to the battery life, if you haven't done this yet, I'd like you to put your vape on the charger and leave it there for 4.5 hours even if your vape indicates that it is fully charged before that time is up. You only need to do this extended charge once. Also, please know that it takes about 3 to 4 full charge cycles for the battery to stabilize and perform up to spec. Also, if you’ve been using a phone brick to charge your vape, try using your computers USB port instead. If after doing the above, if you still feel that the battery life is too short, please feel free to open up a service ticket with us by hitting the "contact us" button on our site. In regards to the mouthpiece not fitting very tight, please make sure that the oven is not overloaded. In regards to the herbs being vaped uneven, try taking very short, quick cigar like puffs rather than one long draw. That may help but stirring may still be required. With best regards, Larry


Okay so far

I bought my explorers edition Miqro on Black Friday, but I had it sent to family out of state for security issues. Now that I've got my hands on it, it seems pretty good. There're only two issues- 1) There's a scuff on the miqro- as of someone dropped the mouthpiece. It was fully sealed before I opened it. 2) It's missing the extra pearl. I actually had to check the list of accessories to make sure I wasn't wrong, but yeah, they didn't include the extra pearl. It sucks because the accessories and back-up parts are what made me pick the explorers edition over the standard pack.

Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Jay, Going to open up a service ticket for you right now so we can address these issues with you. With best regards, Larry

Connor L.
United States


I would expect much better from Davinci. This vape is just simply average. Draw resistance, terrible battery life, particles flowing through into your mouth on almost every hit. Would not recommend.

Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Conner, We're going to create a service ticket for you now so we can help to address these issues with you. The last thing that we want is for you to have a vaporizer that you're not happy with. Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving.

Joe B.
United States

A bit pricey for okay performance

Sleek design , feels extremely well built , really enjoy the tool that is included. So far the performance has been okay. With a full pack on smart path four I am having a limited amount of vapor production. As session goes on this improves but not to levels I hoped. For the price I would have expected larger vapor production. Having it now I do not think I would purchase again for $150.00

Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Joe, In regards to vapor production, the MIQRO’s air flow depends on how tightly you pack it, and it does better with short to medium draws instead of longer ones. The MiQro is designed to be very stealthy and they accomplish this not only by it being very small and pocket-friendly in design (which limits how robust the heater is) but also by limiting vapor production as compared to other vapes while at the same time, allowing you to feel the effects of whatever herbs you are vaporizing. With that said, the very last thing that we want is for you to have purchased a vaporizer from us that you are not happy with so if you would like to exchange it for something else, we can do that for as well as offer you a full refund if you prefer. We'll create a service ticket for you know to discuss further.

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