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DynaVap Omni Vaporizer Review

DynaVap Omni Review: Is It Worth it?

Last Omni was a show stopper, so I was concerned about an artistic overhaul. But this one holds its own.

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DynaVap released three new VapCaps in 2021, and the Omni is my personal favorite. It’s dripping with style, function and fun. If you’re like me and thought the old Omni couldn’t be surpassed, pull up a chair and let’s take a look.

Dynavap Omni Vaporizer Silver

DynaVap Omni Vaporizer - Silver


The new, amazingly stylish DynaVap Omni is a worthy successor to the original.

  • Dripping with style, inside and out
  • DynaVap vapor - surprisingly punchy
  • As portable as it gets
  • Adjustable airflow mouthpiece
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What’s an Omni?

An Omni is a top-shelf VapCap, made by Dynavap. It’s constructed entirely from titanium, except for the cap and some o-rings. VapCaps are dry herb vaporizers heated by hand with a torch lighter, and they’re about the size of a classic cigarette. Although manually controlled, VapCaps make an audible “click” when ready to vaporize, separating them from other butane powered vapes that leave you guessing. Heat the lower half of the tip for hotter hits, and the upper half for cooler hits. When you’ve had enough of the torch, upgrade to an induction heater for easy and consistent heatups.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review In Hand

We should also mention the new term TED. DynaVap has stopped calling their products vaporizers and started calling them TEDs, or Thermal Extraction Devices.

Surprisingly potent

Every time I pick up a VapCap I’m astonished at the efficiency, and the Omni is no different. The effects are potent for such a small amount of herbs.The Omni, like all 2021 VapCaps, has a two-position adjust-a-bowl, and both sizes are dinky. A full bowl is around 0.1 grams, and the smaller setting is half that. If you love smaller doses, VapCaps are for you.

DynaVap omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Adjust-a-bowl

Left: .1 grams / Right: .05 grams

DynaVap Omni 2021 review: Functional art

The last Omni was a show stopper, and I considered it one of my most beautiful vapes, so I was concerned about an artistic overhaul. But this one holds its own. I think it’s just as attractive as the older Omni, yet is completely different.

Since we twirl VapCaps to heat them, DynaVap made the older Omni fun to look at, with facets that made the light dance up and down the stem. This new Omni has its own light show that spirals around the stem instead of up and down its length. Paired with the new custom Omni tip, it’s stunning!

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Side by Side

Left: 2021 Omni / Right: Original OmniVap XL

Redesigned tip

The new Omni tip is massively redesigned, and is a huge win. It’s also about 25% heavier than earlier titanium tips. Let’s get into all the details, starting with the o-rings and moving up to the crown.

Two o-rings are better than three! The new Omni tip has one less o-ring than previous titanium tips, and both the fit and finish are better for it. The tip easily slides into place, snuggling up against the stem with no exposed o-ring like before, and blending the tip into the stem.

Each of the nine heat dissipating fins is separated by a tri-cut groove that’s responsible for the sparkle - twirl and enjoy! The fins give way to the contoured bowl, which looks like it’s been hammered into form by a blacksmith. It’s possible that the contours change the airflow slightly, but what I really noticed was the Captive Cap now stays on better.

At the tip of the bowl is the crown, with nine notches for airflow. The notches have three different sizes, and have enough edge to slice through herbs without cutting my fingers.

We already mentioned the tweaked Adjust-a-bowl - set the screen for full or half full.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Tip Features

Best airport and rocker yet

The 2021 Omni has what DynaVap calls twin turbulating airports. They’re next to each other, but slightly offset to opposite sides of the Omni. The concept starts by holding the Omni with your middle or forefinger over the airports, and your thumb over the rocker below. Hit the Omni with the airports pointed at noon, and twist the VapCap back and forth between eleven and one o’clock. With each rock, air shoots down one side of the condenser tube, then down the other side, creating turbulence.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Airport and Rocker

Rock it back and forth to create turbulence during your hit

The airport is now further from the mouthpiece compared to the last Omni, and it feels more natural to me. It’s only one-eight of an inch, but it’s the right one-eight. And of all my VapCaps, this rocker is my favorite. The angled rocker creates a ridge that stands out from the rest of the stem. I can pick it up and find my way to the airport without looking every time.

Control the airflow in style

The Omni’s condenser assembly adjusts to restrict airflow. Turn the mouthpiece clockwise to open it up, and counter-clockwise to restrict it. The mechanism is the same as the old Omni, but the new one has grooves on the mouthpiece to mark your sweet spot.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Heat Eaxchanger

The heat exchanger has helical grooves that spiral up the tube, tightening as they near the tip. DynaVap says they cool the vapor better. If you appreciate attention to detail, make sure to remove the mouthpiece and admire the heat exchanger!

Hidden Easter eggs!

DynaVap is into numerology and geometries, and it shows in their designs. Pick up any VapCap, and you’re sure to find patterns in three’s, seven’s, nines, etc. Omni’s feature the number nine. I found at least six Easter eggs just looking for nines. Enjoy a bowl and start counting!

DynaVap lingo

Confused by all the technical Dynavap jargon? Let’s clear that up.

  • Twin turbulating airports - Two offset airports that can alternate incoming air down both sides of the condenser tube, creating turbulence.
  • Nine fin tip profile - The tip has nine heat-dissipating fins.
  • Nona crown - The crown, or very end of the tip, has nine cuts in it to increase airflow.
  • Fully contoured extraction chamber - Horizontal grooves on the outside of the bowl that hold the Captive Cap on better.
  • Enhanced tactile navigation geometry - The Omni has a distinctive band that marks the landing spot for your thumb and forefinger.
  • Compound angled Rocker - Opposite the airport, the rocker angles to a point that’s easy to find without looking.
  • Variable pitch helical heat exchanging condenser - Twist the mouthpiece to extend/retract the condenser tube and change the airflow. The outside of the condenser tube is contoured in a helical pattern that DynaVap claims cools the vapor more.
  • Two-position Adjust-a-blow - The screen inside the bowl can be set for full or half capacity.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review DynaVap Lingo

Herbs and extracts

VapCaps were designed for dry herbs, and they excel at it. But a couple years ago they released the DynaCoil for extracts, and it works well with a little practice. Just place the coil in the bowl, add your extracts, and heat. When I use a torch, it’s best to preheat the bowl directly before putting the cap on. With an induction heater, I like to heat it several seconds past the click. The overheating kicks out some thick clouds.

Nothing’s perfect

My gripes are few, and center on the condenser tube assembly. While it’s easy to adjust the airflow, you have to twist it a lot to make a small adjustment. The mouthpiece makes two full rotations from wide open to fully closed, and I had to move the marker several notches each time to notice a difference. I thought there was room for improvement here, and am a little disappointed to see the function remain unchanged.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Mouthpiece


With no electronics and little to go wrong, VapCaps don’t have a warranty. Like all of our products, the DynaVap Omni is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What’s in the box

  • Omni vaporizer
  • Storage tube with stand

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review What's in the Box

For best results

When it comes to VapCaps, it’s all in the heat up, so practice your twirl. There’s a textured band around the Omni centered between the airport and the tip. This is where you pinch and twirl. Try to keep the tip in the flame, with a steady hand while you twirl. (Don't forget about accessories!)

Easy maintenance

There’s not much to do to keep the Omni running like new. Empty the bowl after each session to keep the screen cleaner. When it’s time for a deep cleaning, just disassemble, remove the o-rings from the condenser tube, and soak all the metal parts. Rinse, dry, and reassemble, and it’s clean as new!

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Cleaning

Limited Edition Obsidium!

The new Obsidium finish is the first ever Limited Edition Omni. It's incredibly durable, with a mirror-like finish that enhances how the light dances in the cuts. One of the most stunning VapCaps we've ever seen! Get one before they're gone for good.

Who is the Omni for?

The Omni is for someone who wants to make a statement with their VapCap. It will attract attention, whether people know what a VapCap is or not. The uninitiated will wonder at the whole concept, while DynaFreaks will drool over the latest Omni. The vapor doesn’t stand out from the budget VapCaps, so this is all about style.

Who is the Omni not for?

The Omni is a manually controlled vaporizer, which won’t appeal to a lot of people. If you need to dial in a specific temperature, look elsewhere. And although it’s small, it’s not discreet. The hissing torch lighter makes sure of that.

Finally, the Omni is not budget-friendly. The same vapor can be had for $75 with the 2021 M. The Omni is $199, so bring your fat wallet.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Pros & Cons

Pros đź‘Ť Cons đź‘Ž
Ultra portable Has a learning curve
Durable and stylish Exposed hot spot
Potent, flavorful vapor in seconds Smaller than average bowl-size
No battery required Specific temperature are guesswork
Variable bowl size
Easy maintenance

Bottom line

The DynaVap Omni 2021 provides the same great performance that DynaVap portable vaporizers are known for, but is dripping with style. If you’re in the market for a new VapCap and want to ball out with something flashy, the Omni 2021 is the one to pick up.


Of all the DynaVap releases this year, the Omni is my favorite. We don’t yet know if it will replace the old Omni, or live beside it, but I hope for the latter. At first I wanted to see a short version, but I can tell this design won’t cut down as easily as the last. I considered the old Omni an absolute classic, so I was a little worried about this release, but I found myself falling in love all over again. I consider them equals in form and function.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Lineup
Dynavap Omni Vaporizer Silver

DynaVap Omni Vaporizer - Silver


The new, amazingly stylish DynaVap Omni is a worthy successor to the original.

  • Dripping with style, inside and out
  • DynaVap vapor - surprisingly punchy
  • As portable as it gets
  • Adjustable airflow mouthpiece
Free Shipping Easy Returns World Class Customer Service
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