Flowermate: Which Should I Buy?

A Buying Guide For The Flowermate V5 Series The Flowermate V5 series vaporizers are our best selling portable vapes and it’s easy to see...

Which Flowermate Should I Buy?

A Buyer's Guide To Flowermate Portable Vaporizers

Flowermate V5 vaporizers are among our best selling portables and it’s easy to see why. They are simple to use, well made, stylish and most importantly affordable. But with six vaporizers in the V5 lineup, it’s a little confusing to figure out which model is best for you. With that in mind, we've created this guide to help you find out which one is best for you.

Table of Contents

The Best Choice For Most
My Personal Favorite
The Most Pocket Friendly
Size & Battery Life
Size Options
Temperature Control
V5 Models
Charging Time & Method
Color Choice
What Does It Come With?
Not Sure Flowermate Is For You?
Still Not Sure?

The Best Choice for most:  Flowermate V5.0S

The V5.0S vaporizer is our best selling portable and for good reason. The 3 temperatures are all you need, it has crazy battery life, it’s pocketable and most importantly it’s a great value at $79.95.

Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

My Personal Favorite:  Flowermate Mini Pro

I’m typically an analog guy, but I prefer the Mini Pro because of its small size, styling and the battery life indicator. The fully adjustable temperature range opens up the low end for flavor chasers and higher temps for concentrates. It also comes with a Water Adapter! Not a bad deal at $109.95.

Flowermate Mini Pro Vaporizer In Hand - Planet of the Vapes

Pocket Friendly on a Budget:  Flowermate V5.0S Mini

The Mini gets you the same 3 temperature settings as the V5.0S but in a significantly smaller package. With about 75 minutes of battery life you are looking at half the vape time of the V5.0S, but for most (myself included) that is more than enough. 


There is good reason why all the vaporizers in this line share the V5 distinction - they have quite a bit in common. Big or small, fine temperature control or just a few key settings, all the V5 vapes share the same ceramic conduction heater, adjustable airflow, the signature Pyrex glass mouthpiece, fast heat up times, the same 5 minute auto-shutoff time and most importantly quality vapor. 


Where the models start standing apart from each other has much more to do with personal preference than anything else. What is the most important feature to you in your vaporizer? Size?Temperature Control? Battery Life? -- Well, battery life is linked to the size.... and those are the little details I've outlined for you below.

Size & Battery Life

The V5 Series can be divided into 2 groups. There are the Full-Size models (V5.0s, V5 Pro, V5.0X) and the Mini models (Mini V5.0s, Mini V5.0 Pro, Mini V5.0X,). All the mini models are the same size, all the full-size models are the same size.

Both the full size and mini models are pocketable, but the minis are a bit smaller and we like to call them ultra-portable.

The other key difference between the mini and full-size models is battery life. The full-size models have approximately 2 ½ hours of battery life and the mini models have 75 minutes of battery life. 75 minutes is more than enough for most people, but if you like to vape A LOT, find yourself often vaping in party settings or forget to charge your electronics, the 2 ½ hours of battery life might be for you.

Size Options

Full Size


V5.0 Pro
V5.0S Mini
V5.0 Mini Pro
V5.0X Mini
4 1/8in x 2 3/8in x 1in
3 3/8in x 1 3/4in x 13/16in
Flowermate Vaporizer Full Size vs Mini - Planet of the Vapes

Temperature Control & Operation

How temperature is controlled, the number of temperature settings and how temperature is displayed are some of the key differences between the V5 models.

All the V5 vapes fall into 3 model categories...

V5 Models




V5.0S Mini
V5.0X Mini
V5.0 Pro
V5.0 Pro Mini
S Series...

...features 1 button control, 3 temperature settings and temperature is displayed via a colored light.

X Series...

...features 1 button control, 6 temperature settings and temperature is displayed via an LED light next to the temperature selected.

Pro Series...

...has an on/off button and up and down buttons for temperature control. Temperature is fully selectable in 1 degree increments and is displayed on the digital OLED screen.


So more temperature settings are better, right?
Not necessarily.


S Series...

...has only 3 temperature settings but they are right where you need them for vaporization and these 3 settings are more than enough for most user.

X Series...

...has 6 temperatures and opens up the lower temperature range a bit allowing you to access some of those low temp flavor profiles vs. the S Series.

Pro Series...

...gives you complete control and is great for both a low temp flavor chaser and a higher temperature concentrates aficionado.

Temperature Settings

S Series

Pro Series

X Series

Level 1 - 385°F / 195°C
Level 2 - 400°F / 195°C
Level 3 - 415°F / 212°C
Variable in one degree increments from
104°- 446°F or 40°- 230°C
Level 1 - 355°F / 180°C Level 2 - 365°F / 185°C
Level 3 - 375°F / 190°C
Level 4 - 385°F / 196°C
Level 5 - 395°F / 202°C
Level 6 - 410°F / 210°C

Charging Time and Method

Here, the differences are between the full size and mini models in the V5 Series.

The full size models (V5.0S, V5.0X and V5.0 Pro) charge via an AC Adapter (wall plug) and can go from dead to fully charged in about 2.5 hours.

The Mini models (V5.0S Mini, Mini Pro, and V5.0X Mini) charge in just about the same amount of time but via USB giving you the freedom to charge your vape anywhere that can you plug in. The Mini Series vapes also double as a power bank letting you charge any device (phone, etc) that uses UBS to charge.

Color Choice

The V5.0S has the most color options with Blue, Red, Green, Silver, Rose Gold and Black. All of the other models are available in only Black and Blue.

Flowermate Colors - Planet of the Vapes

What’s Included

All of the V5 vaporizers come with everything you need to get vaping when they arrive but a few include extras like a Water Adapter.

First, what they all come with:  charger, extra screens, dab/packing tool, cleaning brush, pyrex glass mouthpiece, concentrate pod and flower pod.

The V5.0X and Mini V5.0X have the distinct pleasure of coming with a Silicone Mouthpiece in addition to the stock glass one and the Mini Pro and both X models (mini and full-size) come with the Water Pipe Adapter.

Flowermate V5.0X Vaporizer Black With Accessories - Planet of the Vapes


Flowermate makes some of the most affordable vaporizers on the market and they are solid performers for the price. Here’s what they cost:


Mini Pro
Mini V5.0X

Not sure if Flowermate is for you?

Getting through all of this and feeling like none of these vaporizers fit the bill for you? No worries, here are a few other vaporizers that we recommend in the same price range.

Boundless CF,  Boundless CFX & Boundless CFC

Boundless vaporizers are similar in a number of ways, and are actually made in the same factory, but offer larger ovens, faster heat up times and produce BIG clouds.

The CFC is the small guy and is priced similarly at $89.95.  The CF gives you a bigger oven, a bit more power, and battery life at $129.95 and the CFX gives you all the same with a big digital display and 1-degree temperature control at $169.

Boundless CFX & CF Vaporizers - Planet of the Vapes

X-Max Starry POTV Edition

At $99, the X MAX Starry features a swappable battery, full digital control, 25-second heat up time and 80 minutes of battery life tucked into a solidly built, ultra pocketable portable vape. With good vapor and an intuitive control, the Starry is an easy recommendation for a newbie or a seasoned vaporist looking for a new toy.

Arizer Extreme Q

Looking for a great performing vaporizer for at home at a steal of a price? The Arizer Extreme delivers great vapor quality, is extremely reliable, and versatility at only $159.

Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo is a tried and true classic.  A workhorse by all accounts. Portable but not quite pocketable, this beast will keep you in great tasting vapor for darn close to 2 hours at just $134.99.

Arizer Air

The Arizer Air delivers the same vapor quality as the Solo in a more pocketable package with the added bonus of a swappable battery for $169.

X MAX V2 Pro

The X MAX V2 Pro delivers similar vapor quality to what you get with any of these V5 vapes with slightly less draw resistance. Featuring 5 preset temperatures, a swappable battery and about 40 minutes of vape time, the X-Max V2 Pro is only $79.95.

Still Not Sure?

Still not sure what vaporizer to choose? No worries. We’re always here to help. Just click the live chat logo at the bottom left and we'll answer any questions you have. You can also just e-mail us at hello@planetofthevapes.com.

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