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  • DynaVap HydraVonG Standard Lightwood
  • DynaVap HydraVonG Standard Darkwood
  • DynaVap HydraVonG XLS Lightwood
  • DynaVap HydraVonG XLS Lightwood
  • DynaVap HydraVonG XLS Lightwood

HydraVong Vaporizer (by DynaVap)

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  • Made in the USA
  • Manual Heating
  • 14mm Compatible
  • Adjustable Bowl Size
Regular price $85.00
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Who's the HydraVong VapCap for?

The HydraVong continues Dynavap’s nearly indestructible tradition of manual portable vaporizing, with a model that’s built for the high demands of vaporizing on a water pipe. Use it native anywhere you want, or connect it to a 14mm glass joint for some amazing hits. With the power of butane, you’ll never think of charging your vape again.

Built for water

The HydraVong’s wood mouthpiece is tapered to mate perfectly with any 14mm female fitting, so you can pull tasty vapor through your favorite glass pieces.

New airport

The HydraVong pushes out thicker vapor from a redesigned airport. The elongated carb is tapered and angled, to create a vortex effect, and bigger clouds. It’s now easier to adjust the airflow, by sliding your finger up and down over the slit.

Improved airflow

The HydaVong’s titanium tip has larger cuts that increase the airflow, perfect for a bubbler. Hits are thicker and easier to take in than earlier Vapcaps.

Fantastic microdoser

The HydraVong’s adjustable titanium bowl holds between 0.025 and 0.1 grams of dry herbs, and is surprisingly effective with such small doses. It’s also easy to reload, so you’re in complete control of your dose.

Never needs a charge

The VapCap vaporizers cut the power cord and will work with any heat source, but are optimized for a torch lighter. We recommend using a nice refillable torch to get vaping as quickly as possible, and reduce waste from disposable lighters.

Instant torch heating

Heating up the DynaVap HydraVong is as simple as holding it up to a flame. The ‘cap’ clicks when it reaches vaping temperature, from 300° F to 450° F, depending on which section of the cap you decide to heat. The HydraVong gets up to temperature in 5 to 10 seconds from cold, and even faster between bowls.

Little waste

DynaVap's HydraVong does not heat your herb between hits, making this one of the most efficient vaporizers we sell.

Tiny footprint

The Standard HydraVong is 3.6 inches long, with the XLS coming in at 4.3 inches. Possibly the smallest vape ever, the HydraVong comes with a plastic carrying case so you can throw it back in your pocket, even before it’s cooled down.


  • Standard: No mouthpiece and 3.6 inches long.
  • -XLS: Has a spinning mouthpiece and is 4.3 inches long.

Other VapCap vaporizers

  • VapCap M - Affordable, 100% stainless steel
  • OmniVap - Top of the line, all-titanium internals with adjustable airflow
  • OmniVonG - Same as OmniVap but also mates with glass


VapCap vaporizers are built to last a lifetime and rare warranty issues are taken case by case. We are an authorized reseller and like all of our products, the HydraVong is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What's in the box

  • HydraVong by Dynavap
  • Plastic Tube Case
  • Owner’s Manual

Technical specifications

  • Standard Height 3.6 in / 9.2 cm
  • XLS Height 4.3 in / 10.9
  • 300° F - 450° F (150° C - 230° C)
  • Manually Controlled Temperature

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A Planet Of The Vapes Customer
United States United States
Didn't last me 3 months

The wood cracked when putting it back together after cleaning. Wood looks cool but it wears out easily and is prone to cracking.

Planet Of The Vapes HydraVong Vaporizer (by DynaVap) Review
Planet Of The Vapes

We can take care of that under warranty for you, Hannie. Reaching out to you as we speak. With best regards, Larry

Matthew G.
United States United States
No click?

I’ve used this exact model before and it worked like a charm so I quickly bought myself a personal one. However I have tried several different heating techniques and each time there is no click at all? I’ve tried different torches, lighters, etc, for different lengths of time 5 up to 20 seconds and still nothing. Given the ease of which I have used this model before (never had an issue with the device not clicking when heated up properly) I am extremely confused why this one isn’t clicking at all? Is it possible I just have a defective model?

Planet Of The Vapes

Sounds like a defective cap, Matthew. I see that we're replacing it for you as we speak. Please let us know how the new one works out for you. With best regards, Larry

United States United States
Dynavap came with defective cap

This was my second time ordering a Hydravong from Planet of the Vapes. It was delivered in 3 days, which I really liked, however, the Dynavap I received has a defective cap that doesn't stay on the tip. I burned the carpet trying to heat it the first time and it fell off. The first Hydravong I ordered didn't have this issue.

Planet Of The Vapes

Hi Ryan, Some of these caps fit tighter or looser than others. For a loose-fitting cap, take the cap off of your DynaVap and squeeze it between your fingertips for a tighter fit. That should do it. If you would like to contact me here, please do so: With best regards, Larry

rachel v.
United States United States
Bit of a learning curve...

I love this thing. I've been missing my water tool since I started vaping, so this was a dream come true. You need a torch to heat it (you don't neeeeeed one, but you do not want to use a Bic for that long) and you are heating a small area, so you have to learn where to aim the torch and how long to hold it. You can overheat it, which causes the herbs to combust, which defeats the purpose of the piece, so be mindful of that as you torch your first few bowls. This is pure trial and error, there are so many variables that everyone's sweet spot is going to be different. But once you nail it, it's great. It's so versatile, and pretty too! At least, this is how I remember it. The quad flame torch I ordered with it has a leak, so I'm not able to use it. I haven't hit my DynaVap since the day it was delivered, so I'm back on my S&B Plenty until I get a new torch. P.S. Don't get the quad flame torch. It's too much flame for such a tiny bowl. I plan to buy a single flame torch when I get out of quarantine.

Jan W.
United States United States

The Dynavape M is what helped in making the switch from burn to vape. The Hydravong cemented the x-over. As you learn how to properly use this device with all it's subtle nuances (like graduating to a single flame torch), the Hydra has subtle updates to its design that create a better experience. There are many vaping products out --- different strokes for different folks --- the Dynavape products will help with us older "burners" make the x-over to vaping (healthier) Super fantastic product I was shocked how quickly my order arrived. I was hoping (not expecting) to have my pkg by the wknd --- it arrived on THURSDAY -- you guys are crazy good. THANKS -- BE SAFE AND HEALTHY ---------------- JW

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