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Volcano Glass Adapter with Volcano Hybrid

Introducing the Volcano Glass Adapter

Your sessions your way with Volcano Glass Adapter. Check it out!

Introducing the Volcano Glass Adapter - an expertly crafted accessory designed to provide cooler, comfier Volcano vapor however you see fit. Dry stems, mini bubblers, or full tabletop rigs - it’s all up to you. Connect one of the dimpled glass stems for softer vapor that’s low-profile and doesn’t require any water, and then quickly and easily switch to portable water-cooling with one of our Mini Glass Bubblers. 

For glass lovers, our POTV Water Pipe Adapter is a real treat. Plug the water pipe adapter into your Volcano bag and combine the full might of your favorite tabletop bubbler with the legendary vapor of your Volcano vaporizer.

Comfy, smooth vapor is our goal, with YOU as the creator of your perfect hit. Let’s check it out!

Volcano vapor meets POTV Glass

The Volcano Glass Adapter connects to your Volcano Bag, in place of the black mouthpiece, and serves as a bridge to our ecosystem of glass accessories. It maintains Storz & Bickel’s strict quality standards with only food-grade silicone and a PEEK and glass vapor path. Hook it directly to your Volcano Bag, attach a glass piece of your choosing, and then you’re good to go.

We’re always on the hunt for fresh and exciting ways to elevate your favorite vaporizers. Our Volcano Glass Adapter allows you to experience the Volcano’s legendary sessions any way you please. Comfy, yet potent vapor is our goal, and our various glass accessories allow you to soften the vapor with the seamless addition of our glass stems.

Volcano Glass Adapter with POTV Curved Mini Bubbler

Dedicated stand with a built-in brush holder

We also designed this adapter to be a dedicated docking station in between sessions. Store your adapter upright with the included stand, and keep your glass stems nice and clean, instead of rolling around on the table.

To make this a true all-in-one vaping station, we also included a dedicated storage slot for a cleaning brush so you'll always have it in arm's reach when you need it.

Volcano Glass Adapter with POTV Dimpled Glass Stem

Crafted with pure materials 

We designed the Volcano Glass Adapter to be in line with Storz & Bickel’s Strict quality standards. With the addition of glass, nothing but pure materials touch your vapor. A PEEK insert connects directly to the Volcano bag, with a food-grade silicone exterior for safe handling.

Volcano Glass Adapter with Stand

Compatible with our full line of POTV Glass

Each piece of our expansive line of glass accessories provides its own unique vaping experience. Whether you rock the Volcano Classic or Volcano Hybrid, our glass accessories are yours to enjoy:

This Volcano bag adapter is also compatible with any stem that has a 12mm outer diameter.

Volcano Glass Adapter with POTV Glass Accessories

Designed for Volcano Easy Valve Bags

The Volcano Glass Adapter is designed for the Volcano Easy Valve bags. These are the standard bags that come with the Volcano Classic and Volcano Hybrid vaporizers. 

This adapter is NOT compatible with the original Solid Valve sets.

How to use the Volcano Glass Adapter

The POTV Volcano Glass Adapter is designed to enhance your vaping experience with zero hassle:

1. Take your glass piece of choice and connect it to the glass adapter. Place it in the stand for now.

2. Connect the Volcano bag to the vaporizer and fill up your desired amount of vapor with your preferred temperature and settings.

3. When it's ready to go, remove the bag from the Volcano and connect the Glass Adapter to the orange collar.

4. Just like with the black mouthpiece, press down on the adapter as you inhale and enjoy smooth, comfortable vapor!

5. When you're all finished, disconnect the adapter and store it upright on its dedicated stand.

And that's it!

How to use Volcano Glass Adapter

Easy to clean

We’ve designed the Volcano Glass Adapter to be a breeze to clean:

1. Remove the glass mouthpiece from the Adapter and soak any dirty glass stems in rubbing alcohol for 30 minutes or longer.

2. When everything is nice and clean, rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly.

3. Dip a cotton swap in some rubbing alcohol and wipe down along the inside of the PEEK material of the Glass Adapter.

And that’s it!

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