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POTV Glass Accessories Guide

POTV Glass Guide

Read our Planet of the Vapes Glass Guide to get up to speed on all of our glass mouthpiece accessories.

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Glass pieces are great for gentler hits, refined flavor, and quality vapor. Take a look at our Planet of the Vapes Glass glass guide and grab the perfect piece for you!

POTV ONE Vaporizer and Green POTV Glass Accessories
From left to right: Curved Mini Bubbler, Water Pipe Adapter, Bent Glass Stem, Mini Bubbler

Bubblers for portable cooling

For effective filtration and purity wherever you go, consider one of our POTV glass bubblers. They’re ultra portable, and far exceed the cooling of our dry glass attachments.

POTV Curved Mini Bubbler

The Curved Mini Bubbler provides a laid back hit, placing the stem right to your lips without moving your head or tilting the vape. Its cone-shaped taper let's you relax into a sipping style draw that’s hard to beat.

POTV Glass Guide POTV Lobo Vaporizer with POTV Curved Mini Glass Bubbler
POTV Lobo Vaporizer with POTV Curved Mini Bubbler in Purple.

POTV Mini Gordito Glass Bubbler

The Mini Gordito Glass Bubbler takes the relaxed feel of the curved bubbler a step further with more percolator holes and a larger can for bigger, better hits. It brings you one step closer to your at-home bubblers with maximum airflow and flavor in a portable package. Designed to keep up with big hitters like the POTV Lobo and Mighty+, the Mini Gordito is the perfect bubbler for massive rips.

POTV Glass Guide POTV Mini Gordito Glass Bubbler

POTV Lobo with the POTV Mini Gordito Glass Bubbler

POTV Mini Bubbler

The standard Mini Bubbler offers more real estate for your lips in case you don’t like sipping through a straw, and it is a bit easier to clean. Each POTV glass bubbler does a great job cooling your vapor. It really just comes down to your hitting style and preferences.

Mighty+ Vaporizer with POTV Mini Bubbler in pink
Mighty+ Vaporizer with POTV Mini Bubbler in Pink.

How to fill a POTV Bubbler

To fill your bubbler, use a small cup of water and pull the water into your bubbler. The POTV glass bubblers will drain the excess water and fill up to the perfect amount. If there's too much, blow in from the mouthpiece to get all the water out and start over. Pretty simple!

Water Pipe Adapter

POTV Lobo vaporizer with POTV Water Pipe Adapter
POTV Lobo vaporizer with POTV Water Pipe Adapter.

We also offer a universal Water Pipe Adapter (wpa) for those of you that already have some nice glass at home. It fits 10, 14, and 18mm ground glass joints, represented by each layer of the adapter, and can serve as a daily driver atop your favorite glass piece. Insert the wpa into the POTV Glass Adapter of your vape, drop it into the female joint of your chosen glass, and have at it! Draw resistance won’t change, so hit your vape like normal.

POTV Lobo vaporizer on a bubbler
POTV Lobo vaporizer on a bubbler.

Dry stems for discreet flavor

Our dry stems offer users a cooler experience without water or a big hunk of glass on their vape. Check these stems out if you want the perfect blend of cooling and discretion.

POTV Dimpled Glass Stem

Our Dimpled Glass Stem is a great piece for discreet cooling wherever you are. This stem comes with a crowd of internal glass dimples to cool and refine the vapor before it reaches your lips. It’s short and discreet, so it won’t draw too much attention if you need to lay low a little.

Crafty+ with Glass Adapter and Dimpled Glass Stem

Crafty+ with Crafty+ Glass Adapter and POTV Dimpled Glass Stem.

POTV Globe Glass

Similar to the Dimpled Glass Stem, the Globe Glass comes with internal dimples to cool, but with an added bulbous ‘globe’ to help cool your vapor even further. This is a great stem if you want the best cooling with no water.

Cleaning Disclaimer: DO NOT insert anything into the dimpled stems when cleaning. Clean with warm water and a mild grease-cutting dishwashing detergent such as Dawn, or isopropyl alcohol.

POTV ONE Vaporizer with POTV Globe Glass Blue

POTV ONE vapoirizer with POTV Globe Glass in Blue.

POTV Bent Glass Stem

The Bent Glass Stem adds a subtle, but effective, level of cooling. Along with added length, the small bend in the POTV glass creates more surface contact to further cool the vapor before it reaches your lips. These stems are a great blend of comfort, discretion, and taste.

POTV Lobo Vaporizer with Bent Glass Stem
POTV Lobo vaporizer with POTV Bent Glass Stem in Purple.

Cleaning your POTV glass

When your bubbler gets dirty or smelly, it’s time to clean. Take the dry stems and water pipe adapter and soak them in some rubbing alcohol or warm soapy water.

For the bubblers, fill them up to the very top with the alcohol or soapy water. Cover the ends with your fingers and give them a good shake to loosen up any residues, and let them soak with the other pieces for a few hours.

Planet of the Vapes ONE Vaporizer Glass Cleaning

Once you’re done soaking, give them a thorough rinse in some warm water. Rotate and turn the bubblers every which way to get through all the glass channels. Blow out any excess water and set all the pieces out to dry. If you're having trouble getting stubborn water out, twist and turn the bubbler and blow hard from the top.

Which vapes are compatible with POTV Glass?

With the wide array of POTV Glass Accessories comes the expansion of compatible vaporizers. Here’s a list of all the vaporizers that work with our POTV glass ecosystem.

Mighty+ & Crafty+ vaporizers

We’ve created specialized Glass Adapters for both the Mighty+ and Crafty+. These adapters attach seamlessly to each vaporizer, in place of the cooling units, for quick and easy swaps between our glass accessories. For these vapes, we highly recommend one of the mini bubblers or the water pipe adapter.

👉 Shop Might/Mighty+ Glass Adapter   

👉 Shop Crafty/Crafty+ Glass Adapter

Volcano vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer is the latest powerhouse vaporizer to receive a specialized POTV Glass Adapter. The Volcano Glass Adapter connects directly to the Volcano bag and serves as a bridge to our full collection of glass accessories. Take the edge off with our dry stems and mini bubblers, or seamlessly connect to your favorite tabletop bubbler with a quick and easy swap.

👉 Shop Volcano Glass Adapter

PAX vaporizers

PAX dry herb vaporizers are compatible with our glass ecosystem with our handy PAX Glass Adapter. This adapter connects directly to your PAX vaporizer, in place of the silicone mouthpiece, and keeps its controls fully intact. Connect any glass of your choosing and enjoy!

👉 Shop Pax Glass Adapter


The POTV Lobo is our top performing vaporizer, and it comes ready to play with any glass attachment right out of the box. If you have a bubbler, we highly recommend you grab the Water Pipe Adapter and pair your Lobo with it for a seriously cloudy vaping experience.

👉 Shop POTV Lobo


The ONE that started it all, the POTV ONE also comes full equipped and ready to pair with any of our POTV glass accessories. Like the Lobo, we also recommend you take your ONE out for a spin atop of a tabletop bubbler for a fun vaping experience, however any of our POTV glass pieces pair well with this vaporizer.



The POTV XMAX V3 Pro is another vaporizer that arrives ready to join forces with our POTV glass lineup. As a POTV Exclusive, this vaporizer comes with our signature POTV Glass Adapter for a seamless vaping experience. The V3 Pro pairs nicely with all of our POTV glass stems, especially one of our Mini Bubblers.

👉 Shop POTV XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer

Bundle and save

If you need a vaporizer to enjoy our glass accessories, consider one of our curated vape kits and bundles. We’ve put together bundles that include a top-rated vaporizer, our Glass Adapter when necessary, and a few of our glass accessories.


As someone who loves using glass, our signature POTV glass lineup knocks it out of the park. The mini bubblers add flexibility and diversity to your arsenal, and you can hand pick the type of vaping experience you want to have. Refined, effortless vapor on the fly makes it a go-to when I’m in a pinch. With the universal Water Pipe Adapter, I can use a variety of vaporizers with my glass piece of my choosing. Whether I want to take huge rips out of a big rig, relax with easy sips through a whip, or anything in between, I’m covered.

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