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Ghost MV1 Concentrate Guide

Ghost MV1 Concentrate Guide

Let us help you get the most from using sticky substances with your Ghost MV1 vaporizer.

The Ghost MV1’s built-in concentrate mode is surprisingly effective, particularly for a portable vaporizer that also handles herbs. It does work a little differently from normal use, so if you’re looking for tips on how to get the most from stickier substances in your MV1, look no further.

Pad and Crucible

Don’t just go loading concentrates into a regular crucible. Tuck the included concentrate pad into the crucible first, then push it down until it’s sitting flat on the bottom. It can get stuck in there over time, so if you plan on using concentrates in your MV1 often, we suggest using one crucible for concentrates, rather than moving the pad around.

Ghost MV1 Concentrate Guide - Concentrate Pad

Use less than you’d think

Even though you have plenty of room inside the crucible, you want to load just the smallest amount into the pad for each session. If you load too much, it could slide down through the pad and cause a big mess. For more solid substances, you should place a piece the size of a grain of rice in the center of the pad. If it’s a little runnier, a flat spot about the same size is ideal.

Ghost MV1 Concentrate Guide - Concentrate Amount in Crucible

Concentrate mode

The easiest way to put your MV1 vaporizer in concentrate mode is to use the connected smartphone app. Simply connect your device, then swipe left all the way, until it turns past the custom modes to C. Without the app, hold down the mode button until it shows the battery level, then release. Hold it down a second time, until the lights start flashing, then press the mode button until all three lights flash red.

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Ghost MV1 Concentrate Guide - Setting Concentrate Mode on the Ghost MV1

The first draw

Your first draw in concentrate mode is just to let your sticky substances melt into the pad. Hold down the vape button and immediately start drawing slowly on the MV1 until it buzzes, at which point you can release the button. It should only take about ten seconds.

Ghost MV1 Concentrate Guide - First Draw

Low and slow

On each subsequent hit, you should start drawing as soon as you press the vape button. Keep holding the button down and drawing as long as you like. The Ghost MV1 vaporizer works best with slow, steady draws, and you should start to taste warm, dense vapor after 5-10 seconds. It can get a little warm as you approach 20 seconds, but it doesn’t take too long to find a balance. There’s no need to prep each time, you can just hold the button down again when you’re ready for another.

Ghost MV1 Concentrate Guide - Removing the Crucible

Not much cleaning

If you balance your airspeed and draw length properly, there shouldn’t be that much left on the pad itself when the vapor stops. If the lid or pad is stuck to the crucible, you can hit it once on the C setting to warm it up, but it will come out of the holder very hot, so handle it carefully. If it needs a little love, you can soak the concentrate pad, lid, and ceramic crucible in isopropyl alcohol. Our full cleaning and maintenance guide can help you with any further issues that might come up, but just know that you might have to clean more often if you frequently use your Ghost MV1 with concentrates.

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